The video above shows the pitch presentation, given by myself and the group I was part of, to Oxfam as a response to the 9-week Brief Assignment ‘In MY Street’ given at the beginning of this module. There is also some discussion afterwards.

Sound quality is at times not great but hopefully you get some idea of the ideas we had and the feel of the pitch itself.

This was a lengthy and time-consuming assignment that, even though does not contribute to the overall module marks, nonetheless I felt was imperative to invest in. For me pitching is not something I have had to do a huge amount of as a photographer as I’ve been fortunate enough to get a great deal of work via recommendation and repeat clients. I have put together pitches in the past, but only two as a photographer. I know that, in relation to my prospects as a photographer, it’s a muscle that I needed to exercise.

I hoped others would feel the same and understand the value of, and luckily those I worked with in a group context were also completely on board.

We met online regularly throughout the 9-week period and played (where possible) to our individual strengths.

I will say that at times there were some communication issues, especially using WhatsApp (alongside the meetings) which at times could get confusing when a large amount of info, ideas, opinions etc were being shared. This led to occasional differences of opinion. But we worked through those well.

After a few weeks I took on the role of the main administrator to pull together the presentation document for the group. Mostly because the amount of information and ideas we were dealing with opened up the possibility of overwhelming us and it was time to refine what we already had created as an idea.

I used Google Slides and GIFs, images and videos for the presentation were created by members of the group. 

Once the main body of the proposal was together it was obviously more energising for the group to build and refine the presentation from there. And we did this well.

Almost everyone from the group was present as part of the pitch proposal itself, and everybody had a chance to contribute at the discussion. Looking at the video there was a little confusion within the group towards the end of the discussions about some elements of the proposal but all in all, it was a strong proposal and received by the client with excitement and genuine interest. 

For myself, as I delivered the pitch in its entirety, I made sure I’d rehearsed the presentation well with other group members and we refined the script to a focused point and I could then add a passionate and clear delivery on the day itself.

Overall, we operated well in terms of bringing multiple viewpoints together into a coherent single vision. It was a useful process to me personally just to remind myself that being a photographer isn’t just about making images but includes generating ideas for proposal to a wide variety of potential platforms including magazines, agencies etc. This is something that I feel I need to exercise on a more regular basis.

One additional thing to note is that the Brief itself gave me the idea for a potential new photographic project. One that looks at the opportunities children and parents (especially boys and men) have to the natural world in an urban context and their relationship with the ‘wild’. Some initial images below.