34.5901° N, 32.9892° E (from ICE CREAM LANDSCAPE sequence). James Bellorini, August 2020.

It’s all about making work at the moment. I am not even touching base with critical contexts or other photographers. I can’t. I need to find answers for myself about my project. Fuelled by both fear and excitement, I can find them only through making work. Practice-led research. And sticking to a strong shooting discipline of making work daily (where possible).

Spurred on by recent tutorials, my project work and focus is changing. There’s a fluidity around the subject. Food remains at it’s heart for sure, but the mixed-heritage element is much less overt. This is both confusing and liberating at the same time.

At the end of last week I had a really fecund (in more ways than one) project photo-shoot in which I deliberately chose to explore our physical relationship with food with the heritage element left to it’s own devices as it were. So much positive work came out of it that I’ve found it quite hard to choose which images might contribute to the project dialogue in the best way. I’ve been working my way through edits and keeping my eyes on what images might work in diptychs (using images from across recent project work as well). Time and objectivity will help with this in the long run.

One thing that my tutor suggested I need to do is decide whether I choose to show work in landscape format or portrait. I have to say I’m finding that decision quite hard and I’m not quite sure how to solve it yet.

34.5901° N, 32.9892° E (from ICE CREAM LANDSCAPE sequence). James Bellorini, August 2020.

Despite the changing nature of the project focus, I am still keen to maintain the diversity of contributors. But the main challenge is getting them to work in front of the camera and it may be that what I need to do is take some of the discussions that I’ve been having and use models in order that I can play with gesture and body more? I don’t know, I’m not sure about that.

I really am aware that the project work is in transformation. I think, you know, if push came to shove I probably could give it a sort of overarching theme but right now it really feels very fluid. I’m making strong work even if it lacks a certain level of cohesion.

That does mean that at present any public output right now is not easy to plan. So I am simply making work and responding to where I’m being led with it. Perhaps that will all come clear after the next couple of shoots, where I could perhaps bring elements in to play such as the use of the mirror and of watching people eat what they love.

I need to spend some time reflecting on what I am producing, but that is not going to happen until I’ve shot enough work to be able to take a step back and start to make connections on the work and understand the dialogue I can have with it as a project.