Untitled. James Bellorini, September 2020.

Naming my project has been an ongoing puzzle for me and I have gone through numerous ideas. Most of those seemed strong at the time, but were eventually discarded or used to name sequences within the wider body of work instead.

What I have noticed is that I’m frequently compromised by project titles. I think it might be a commitment thing. After all, once the project has a name it has a certain definition, a certain identity. This, for me, is both positive and negative. Some of the ambiguity I enjoy as a creator departs, to be replaced by a recognition that I have committed myself to this journey now and to an offered clarity that I can respond to and (hopefully) move the work on.

However, as I am now on a path where I ‘make stuff and find out what you’re thinking about’ (Hido, 2020), its the work itself, and the process of reviewing it, that have suggested this title. And it resonates well I think. It links with the history of the project and its development since I began exploring it in January 2019 for this M.A. and it supports the political and social foundations of it.

Even if it this becomes just a working title, for now it helps to frame the work, and the editing and sequencing I’m currently involved in. It provides a way to think about the images and how they best encapsulate the vision of the project and give it the right presence. And in this case the Blakean resonance in the title is apt. It is political (as Blake’s vision was) and socially committed, even if that is not necessarily overt in the work. It’s in the notion of a once welcoming land in flux, damaged but desiring a better vision than the one we currently have and the one our leaders and political influencers (and their trust in the divisive) could ever envisage.

UPDATE 31/10/2020.

I’m still finding it difficult to name this project. I had also contemplated MOTHER TONGUE, but that’s already been used by another (not dissimilar) project. But, after some thought and discussion with my tutor Dr. Wendy McMurdo we’ve settled on MANNA – Food, identity, and belonging. The title comes from a sequence of images I made during the module Sustainable Prospects.


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