Draft cover art for Manna zine. James Bellorini 2020.

Moving toward the FMP submission and I am thinking a lot about the output of the project work both for now and into the future. I’d always envisaged the work being seen in a space in some capacity. Probably as an installation of some kind. Indeed, I had planned to present work as part of Brighton Photo Fringe. Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic changed that. So, I’ve been designing a zine and an online booklet.

It’s pertinent and practical at this stage to consider the printed page as an alternative. And actually it makes a lot of sense in terms of how the work has developed recently. My use of diptychs and the exploration of image relationships and sequences translate well to the page.

Draft zine page layout. James Bellorini 2020.

The zine is very much a dissemination project and a way to bring in a lot more contextual information such as text, recipes, interviews, and research work. The online booklet on the other hand is an easy way to start public dialogue with the FMP image sequence alone and to receive feedback from relevant parties such as editors, curators etc. I’ve included my project statement and a note on my approach but it is very much image focussed.

It can be found online here:

Draft zine and online booklet layouts. James Bellorini 2020

What I am finding as both of these have progressed is that they are helping me to reassess elements of the project and how the work is flexible enough to be presented in multiple ways (above). That’s also influencing my thinking around physical outputs like an installation. Especially with regards to how images might be displayed and what other material might work in physical space e.g. audio, text, or even to actual cooking being present in a space so that the work is accompanied by smell and sound.

Rough idea for installation/exhibition with food cooking area. James Bellorini 2020.

The relationship between text and image on the page is also something that I’m excited by. They play off each other and there’s an ability here to provide a deepening of narrative and context. I think it would be useful to consider graphic elements at some point as well. As I’m designing the zine and there are many ways to publish it, it’s entirely feasible to make updated editions in response to project growth in future.