Screenshot of project website homepage. James Bellorini 2020.

Having used a portfolio site to present my Master’s Module submission work for the duration of the course, I’ve now built a new site to house everything connected to the project including my FMP images and practice. There’s a link to it at the top of this blog but it can be found here:

For me, with the FMP submission only a couple of weeks away now, this is really the beginning of the project ‘proper’. Yes, there’s been nearly two years of research work but the refining process of the FMP has given me a springboard with which to move forward and think longer-term about the life ahead for the project. So, I wanted to create a platform that would reflect that and be a space where the growth of the work can be better placed.

The site is live as of today.

At present it is home to my FMP image sequence, Project Development (including all my Master’s submission galleries), zine and print works developments, resources etc.

I see it as a ‘hub’ for the project and, in future, it will include more project work, research work, interviews, video and other developmental media, as well as a place to present collaborative work (starting in 2021 with the mixed-heritage writer/curator Mette).