This week I’ve submitted images from my FMP project to Calls for Entry for Ain’t-Bad magazine and The Phoblogrpher website.

The Phoblographer has requested work that is made in-camera without any extensive digital manipulation. So there are a couple of images in the selection submitted that were out-takes from the final edit but which support the requested brief more closely, such as this one:

Out-take from MANNA submitted to The Phoblographer. James Bellorini 2020.

It’s interesting to note that 8 or so weeks ago I really had no definitive project and now here I am submitting a body of work that I take pride in for possible publication.

In both cases the submission process required lengthy answers to specific questions about my photographic practice and vision. This process has highlighted just how far I’ve come in thinking about my practice and the project directly, as well as my ability to be able to communicate these things both visually and in writing. The FMP process has certainly refined that ability even further.

Results of the submissions are pending. Ain’t Bad is decided in February 2021 and The Phoblographer earlier.